New Report on LGBT Elders

9to5 allies at the Movement Advancement Project (MAP) and Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) have released a new report on issuesfacing LGBT older adults. Understanding Issues Facing LGBT Older Adults takes a comprehensive look at the experiences of LGBT elders, the challenges to accessing the resources needed to age with support and dignity, and their resilience. The report also offers high-level recommendations for addressing the key disparities facing LGBT older adults. Please read and share widely!

And watch this video featuring Jackie and Tina talking about the unique challenges to aging faced by LGBT elders. Jackie and Tina were born in the same Virginia town in 1947. Despite their similar beginnings, the women’s lives took very different turns and a lifetime of discrimination, lost wages, lack of family recognition, and more added up to create substantial difficulties for Jackie. Watch and share!

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