My Heart Lies in Organizing

Attending the We Won’t Wait Summit was food for my soul, as an activist in the fight for winning justice for working women. This event brought together over 1,000 women from across the country to Washington DC in September, to bring the attention of candidates for all offices to a women’s agenda. The representation of the collective voices of women gave identity to the adversity faced on different levels.  Being embraced so warmly by so many women, the majority of whom I was meeting for the first time, gave me further validation. The essence that flowed throughout the conference resonated with HERstory.  I felt privileged to occupy a space with all women who attended the conference.

I look forward to my tomorrows, so I can utilize the tools I learned from this experience. There was a little voice inside of me that kept saying, “I’M NOT ALONE” and now more than ever do I believe it.  Activism is the most rewarding gift one could give to self and others.  Through this work I am commanded to be a better version of myself, so that I can serve to the best of my abilities.  This conference solidified that the work each of us contributes and impacts the lives of millions who recognize CHANGE is now. The lessons I walked away with from the conference will carry me a life time,

This is where my heart lies, in organizing. The We Won’t Wait Conference instilled a heightened sense of pride and purpose. The heroism displayed throughout the conference from ordinary women such as myself, gave rise to the theme of the conference WE WON’T WAIT! – a testament to every woman in attendance and those all around the world who have stood and said WE WONT WAIT! We won’t wait idly by without letting our voices be heard loud and clear on the ISSUES women face!

If I had to leave you all with a message it would be this: WOMEN of today get involved, stay involved, move the world forward!  Because WE WON’T WAIT!

Peace & Blessings,
Tamara A. Green (Star)

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