9to5 | MLK Day Justice Program and March
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MLK Day Justice Program and March

MLK Day Justice Program and March

Join us at the MLK Community Program that will be featuring “King’s Last Year,” a dramatic reading of King’s words during the last, difficult year of his life. Performing artists will include community activists: Dorothy Jackson, Fred Reed, and Andre Lee Ellis.

MLK Day Justice Program and March:
Monday, January, 19th

1:00 – 3:00 pm
Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations
Allied for Hope (MICAH)
1927 North 4th Street, Milwaukee

There will be a special recognition ceremony and a march to the Dr. King statue located north of King Dr and Walnut Ave (a 3 block walk) for those who wish to reflect on Dr. King’s message.

Please join us on Monday to take part in this national celebration and historical moment.