Membership Drive from Coast to Coast

Membership Drive is here! At 9to5, we take two months of the year when members and staff focus on recruiting new members. As a national campaign, membership drive unites 9to5 members in our common goal of building a broad base of power, accountable to our local communities. Members at each of our staffed and unstaffed chapters, as well as the individuals who make up the Action Network, set personal recruitment goals and support each other’s’ recruitment efforts.

The new members we recruit during membership drive go on to play vital roles in our campaign work throughout the year. Crystal Whetstone in Cincinnati, OH joined 9to5 one year ago, during our 2014 membership drive. In her year of membership she’s taken a leadership role in the Action Network, reaching out to her community to build support for paid family and medical leave, as well as publishing an op-ed and speaking at a press conference to share her story about why we must raise the minimum wage.

Crystal says, “I am proud that I can be a part of 9to5. When I began my working life, I did not feel empowered. But thanks to 9to5, I realize that I can make a difference.” This year during membership drive, she’s recruiting new members in her own community, to join her in upcoming local advocacy.

Cathy Bernardone, who represents the Action Network on 9to5’s National Board, is also recruiting for membership drive from her home in Long Island, NY. Cathy says, “I think that real change in the workplace will happen when people’s consciousness changes. For example, a woman that needs more work/life balance should have the consciousness of courage, that she and her family deserve the balance, and it will also benefit the employer. If her consciousness is one of fear, lack of deserving, and a belief that it will hurt her employer, than change will not occur. To me, participating in a membership drive is helping to change consciousness. It’s saying to those we try to recruit ‘Look … there’s an entire group of people fighting for change that is deserved’.”

Become a part of the movement to win justice for working women! Take advantage of our special Give What You Can rate during membership drive and join 9to5 today.

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