Media Coverage: “Ban The Box” offers job help to South Georgia former inmates

Sept. 15, 2015 — Marilyn Winn, 9to5 Organizer, was featured on WALB News.  Winn met with Albany City and Dougherty County commissioners and spoke about why it is important to Ban the Box!

Watch the video clip here




“9to5 Atlanta is taking our Ban the Box campaign statewide. Our Community Internship Programs in Albany and Savannah, GA provide training for directly impacted leaders in each city to build public support and ask county/city elected officials remove the box on employment applications that ask about a person’s criminal history. The goal of this campaign is not to hide an applicant’s history, but to give them a fair chance to get an interview based on skills, education and qualifications. Without this discriminator box, an employer will have the opportunity to find out when and why the job applicant was arrested.”  — Marilyn Winn

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