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In the month since the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, states across the country, including Georgia and Wisconsin, have moved to ban abortion. Congress scrambled unsuccessfully to protect the right to birth control and marriage. Each of these fundamental rights are threatened by the court’s ruling as they continue to attack rights that deeply impact marginalized people.

Abortion bans have already had a direct and devastating impact on people in low-wage jobs, people of color, and working families.  They are facing enormous struggles to get time off work and come up with the money they need for this essential healthcare. The effects these bans will have on our society and economy are just beginning. You can learn more about the connection between reproductive justice and economic justice on our website. 

In Solidarity,
Leng Leng Chancey


9to5 Georgia, in partnership with the Georgia Coalition for Paid Leave, released a report outlining the need for paid leave for all Georgians, the support it has across the state, and how it can be funded. Inside the report is a wealth of information that can support all of us as we fight for paid leave at the national, state, or local level.



Check out the Georgia Coalition for Paid Leave’s recent report to learn more about why paid leave is good for families and the economy.


We held two rallies at the State Capitol this month to protest the removal of rent stabilization for mobile homeowners and Colorado’s ban on rent stabilization.


Join us for our August Collective Liberation Series – Wind Down & Reading Club. We will discuss Caste by Isabel Wilkerson on August 27th.

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