Join the Time To Care Photo Project!

What would it mean in your life if workers had the right to care for their health, an ill family member, or a new baby without losing a day’s pay? Join us to stand up for paid sick days, family care days, and updating and expanding FMLA to make it more accessible and affordable.

Take part in our photo campaign, and tell us what Time to Care means to you! It’s easy-

1. Download and print out this sign (or make your own if you don’t have a printer).

2. Fill out your answer and snap a picture of yourself holding it. Encourage your family or friends to take one too!

3. Share it: make it your profile picture, post it on Facebook and Twitter using the #TimeToCare hashtag, or email it to

Once we’ve collected these pictures from activists around the country, we’ll compile them into an album, telling the world why Time To Care for our health and our family’s health is worth fighting for. This campaign is part of 9to5’s annual August 26 Day of Action celebrating the anniversary of women winning the right to vote by engaging members across the country to take action for women’s workplace rights. This year we are focusing on our campaign to win paid sick days, family care days, and family leave insurance.

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