It Starts With A Whisper

By Yolanda Bucio

After I had asked Lindsey what types of subjects would be covered, I honestly wondered why I was invited to 9to5’s Regional Leadership Conference.

She explained that the conference would cover topics like learning how to run for office as an elected official.  I then went blank. I wondered, “What in the world has ever made her think I might want to run for any elected role?”  I have never held an interest in, and I can’t see myself suddenly developing an interest to run for any elected role. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to verbalize the excuses I was making up in my head, so I agreed to go.  I thought, at best, I could learn something unexpected and be surrounded by other women that also support 9to5. Who knows, maybe I’d get to see Atlanta too.

I did more than see Atlanta. I had a major shift in paradigm.

I mostly think of outreach: how to spread the word about 9to5 and how to get people actively supporting us—something the conference thoroughly covered!

RLC  informed us how and where to do outreach, taught us about tactics, numbers, statistics, who and how to ask for donations, and where and how to get the maximum return. It was not only incredibly and thoroughly informative, but the motivation, energy and confidence that the conference brought out in me is definitely going to make this a different year for me in how I do outreach in Houston.

This is the beginning of how any new idea that is then later implemented to make change happens. It starts as an idea, a thought, a voice, and the open builds, and builds on it.

For those of you that think change doesn’t happen, or that it’s all just talk, let me point out that in the crowded, tiny, super-hot conference room (the AC was out) where some of us were confidently stating or whispering ideas of change, people from all races and walks of life were out celebrating a huge victory. Same-sex couples can now marry nationwide.

That too started out as a thought, a whisper, an idea and is now recognized as law and an American right. I have so much more to look forward to after the 9to5 RLC conference, and I now have better, clearer ideas on how to implement the goals I have for successful outreach.  Thanks for having the RLC conference, 9to5!

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