Igniting Strength, Hope and Resistance: 2017 and Beyond

Igniting Strength, Hope and Resistance: 9to5’s Road Map through 2017 and Beyond

As we face a new national political landscape, 9to5 remains committed to bringing our communities together to organize for the real changes we need to achieve justice and equality for working women – and for our broader communities. 9to5 is a place of progress and hope, where people can get involved in building a better world together. We are strong and principled; we will continue to lift up women’s voices and engage women to take action.

9to5 will move forward with our strong proactive policy agenda centered around what our members, families and communities need, while defending existing progressive policies and looking for new opportunities to make progress.

We will focus our grassroots organizing and policy campaigns on the ground in the states, and will use those campaigns and our members nationwide belonging to our Action Network to bring the voices of our members into federal policy debates on the issues that directly impact them. For us, this is a broader fight for values, with universal and inclusive policy solutions that address the needs of our members and their families.  We’ll draw clear lines between solutions that work for working women and families, and those that benefit only the wealthy or profit-makers. We lock arms in strength and unity, pushing for what is right, not what is easy.

9to5 will continue to protect and defend the progressive policies, standards and victories we have won in cities, in states, and nationwide. We will fight to protect our fundamental rights. This includes taking a more active role in legal/judicial branch activities as part of our protection and defense.

9to5 will resist attacks coming from the new administration and those emboldened by it on the people who are most deeply impacted by injustice and inequality – including women, communities of color, immigrants and refugees, workers, people with disabilities, transgender and gender nonconforming people, and queer people. We refuse to normalize hurtful and dangerous policies and rhetoric. Instead, we choose to fight hate with love, “alternative facts” with common-sense, and feelings of defeat with hopeful action. We will seek to broaden and connect the coalitions and movements in which we work to stop the attacks on our humanity.

9to5 is committed to serving as a beacon of hope no matter what. Come with us and continue making history.

For our full statement of principles and actions, click here.


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