I Want Everyone to Know What Being a 9to5 Member Means For Me

Written by: A proud member, Shelby Ramirez

Becoming a 9to5 member has been life changing for me. In 2012, I was experiencing some very stressful situations in the workplace. I applied for a promotion and during that interview process for the promotion I was told by my supervisor I had too many issues with my sick kids.  He said, “The other day you needed to leave work to attend to your daughter at the emergency room, and I’m worried about your attendance if this continues.” I could not believe what I was hearing.  I needed to know if I could be denied a promotion due to my kids being sick. I needed information on what my rights in the workplace were.  I felt lost and alone, and I really did not know where to turn.  I decided to journey onto the internet and found 9to5.  I called and was greeted with the utmost respect and was given information that placed me in the right direction to resolve my issue with my employer.

This one phone call had such an impact on me that I decided to look further into all the other community support systems and opportunities for deeper involvement with 9to5 Colorado.  Bingo, I had hit the jackpot on the information highway for women and families.  I’m a woman raising a family and having an organization like 9to5 Colorado to turn to was a blessing.  I became a member as I wanted to get even more involved and be a part of the positive changes 9to5 makes in our community.  As a participant in 9to5 Colorado’s Community Internship Program last year, I was able to take the steps needed to become a stronger leader in an organization that is so grounded in making a difference within the community.  I’m now one of the first 9to5 Colorado Community Internship Program graduates, and this is an accomplishment I wear with great honor.  Being a member of 9to5 has given me a clear prospective of how much work needs to be done in our community on all levels and now I am ready to fight for social justice.

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