Facing anti-immigrant violence: We choose respect, compassion and unity

In response to the mass shooting that targeted immigrants in El Paso, Texas this weekend, Leng Leng Chancey, 9to5 Executive Director, issued the statement below. Leng Leng is shown in this photo at an immmigrant rights march in Atlanta.

The shots fired on immigrant families in El Paso were heard and felt throughout the country, as news reports revealed that anti-immigrant hate was the motive. While our hearts go out to the victims, survivors and their families, our feet are firmly planted on the ground in communities across the nation, as we work in support of immigrants’ rights. We will renew our efforts to make America live up to its highest ideals, rather than stoop to its lowest depravities.

Our nation stands at a pivotal crossroad; we must not choose a path of fear, hatred and division. Instead, we must join together to propel our country toward a positive future, a path paved with mutual respect, compassion and unity. Immigrants have long played a vital role in building America, uniting our country with the promise of opportunity and equality. We all share the America dream of working hard and in exchange being treated fairly and with dignity. Too many seek to tarnish that dream and to deny immigrants, people of color and women the equality and justice our Constitution promises.

We will not be deterred; our dreams and hopes will not be dimmed. We mourn those lost this weekend and promise to honor their lives by continuing the struggle until liberty and justice for all is achieved.

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