Leng Leng Chancey

Leng Leng Chancey is an activist, an organizer, and champion of equity and liberation.

Nasreen Jilani

Nasreen joined the staff in 2005 and currently leads 9to5’s communications and fundraising strategy and practice. Nasreen holds a master’s degree in nonprofit management from Georgia State University. Before joining …

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Linda Garcia Barnard

As an Organizer, Linda led a nationally recognized Contingent Work campaign and continues to support making paid leave a reality for all families.

Charmaine Lang

Charmaine Lang has been a part of the reproductive and racial justice movement for a decade as an organizer, trainer, and leader. After the 2016 Sherman Park Uprising in Milwaukee, …

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Yaneth Solano

Yaneth received her bachelor’s degree in Management Accounting from Alverno College on May 2005. She has focused for 13 years on the organization financial management, auditing and accounting services. Oversees …

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Lindsey Challis

As Data Manager for 9to5 National, Lindsey tends to the tools that help us keep our people close as we grow. After studying anthropology at Grinnell College in Iowa, Lindsey …

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