Event: Wage Theft Day of Action

  •  What is “Wage Theft”? working without being paid for overtime? breaks? Have you been misclassified as a contractor and lost the rights of an employee to vacation, sick, unemployment, workers comp and other benefits? Have you been working without receiving minimum wages?
  • Did you know car washers in L.A. often work for tips? or have to punch in and out after each car? Did you know garment workers working piece rate average $5.50/hour? Did you know household workers are not protected by overtime laws?
  • Are you an adult education night school teacher whose 15 minute “break” is deducted from your pay?

Take Action! Contact 9to5 as soon as possible. Tell us your situation. We can help. You can get involved and speak out! Filing a wage claim with Dept of Labor is only the beginning. We need to pass a city law (ordinance) strong enough to prevent abuses. CALL 9to5 Now : 213-201-7029.

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