Do You Belong With 9to5?

Now through the end of April, women and men across the country will join 9to5 or renew their membership during 9to5’s national Membership Drive.  Who are these individuals that join to become part of the movement for economic justice?

– Our members believe in equal pay for equal work.
– They believe that workers deserve paid sick days and time to take care of their families.
– Our members believe that women deserve good jobs with decent wages free from discrimination and harassment.
– They join because our work directly impacts their lives.

They are individuals like Sherri, pictured here, a 9to5 Wisconsin member who knows the economic challenges that mothers face in the workplace:

“I decided to join 9to5 because of the difference they are making in the lives of women and families.  I want to be part of an organization that values family, sick time and decent wages.  My daughter is a single parent.  9to5 does the work to support women like my daughter and I’m joining to help support the work.  Becoming a member is the right thing to do to make the life of my daughter and other women better in the workplace.”

If you believe in fair pay, equal opportunity, and workplaces that support healthy families, then YOU BELONG WITH 9TO5!  Women working together can create the change we need to win significant improvements in the workplace. Our membership is open to all.

JOIN NOW to take advantage of special rates and deals during the Drive, while reaping the benefits of membership all-year long!

To find out more out membership or to become an official 9to5 member, visit our Membership page.


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