Colorado 2013 Legislative Session Update

The 2013 Legislative Session has just wrapped up in Colorado, and we have a lot to celebrate! 9to5 Colorado led two successful legislative campaigns this year and supported a number of other successful campaigns across all of our issue areas. Check out the graphic to see some of the major wins for working women and their families and scroll down to see the list of all the bills we supported and opposed this session. We can’t wait to see what happens next year!


Bill list:


P = Passed by House and Senate
S = Signed into law (as of 5/16/2013)
F = Failed


9to5 BILLS:

S HB13-1136 Job Protection and Civil Rights Enforcement Act
S HB13-1222 Family Care Act



S HB13-1006 K-12 Breakfast after the Bell Nutrition Program
S HB13-1055 Colorado Works Redetermination of Eligibility
S HB13-1135 Voter Registration at Age 16
S HB13-1147 Voter Registration at Public Higher Ed Institution
S HB13-1202 Counseling Relating to the Scope of Treatment Medicaid
F HB13-1227 Income Protection Act
F HB13-1249 Colorado Mortgage Accountability and Housing Stabilization Act
S HB 13-1258 Colorado TRUST Act
S HB13-1266 Health Insurance Alignment Federal Law
F HB13-1285 Study Disparities in State Procurement
S HB13-1303 Create the Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act
F HB13-1304 Unemployment Compensation Benefits Due to Lockout
P SB13-001 Colorado Working Families Economic Opportunity Act
P SB13-004 Electronic Renewal Senior Identification Card
S SB13-008 Eliminate Waiting Period Under CHP+
S SB13-011 Colorado Civil Union Act
S SB13-018 Permissible Use of Credit Information by Employers
S SB13-033 In-state Classification at Institutions of Higher Education
P SB13-127 Sales Tax Revenue to Older Coloradans Cash Fund
S SB13-157 Sunset Continue Colorado Workshare Program
S SB13-200 Expand Medicaid Eligibility
P SB13-251 Driver’s License & Identification Documentation


F HB13-1050 SOS Cancellation of Noncitizen Voter Registration Records
F HB13-1078 Repeal Colorado Health Exchange Benefit
F HB13-1098 Colorado Mandatory E-Verify Act
F SB13-006 No Reduction in K-12 Education to Expand Medicaid
P SB13-137 Improving Medicaid Fraud Detection



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