2019-Help Judith demand justice for working women!

Goal $ 500.00
5% towards our goal
$ 25.00 raised

I have been part of the 9to5 Colorado family for over two years and although some days are rough the deep and transformational relationships I have built with 9to5 community leaders, my co-workers and amazing allied partners make the hard days in the fight worth it! I have talked to many community leaders that have to make do without the basic human right of having paid leave to care for loved ones when sick. Like a single-mother who requested time off from her employer to care for her son with childhood diabetes and was told she did not have the right priorities. Our communities continue to do without or to piece together the basics for daily life. Enough! Paid leave to care for our loved ones is a right! Support me to reach my goal and invest in the fights in 2020!

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