Support the Fight for Working Women and their Families! Also It’s my birthday

Goal $ 1,200.00
100% towards our goal
$ 1,442.00 raised

9to5 works to create policies that lift up women of color inside and outside of the workplace. Now more than ever we need to continue and strengthen the work that we do!

I've been working at 9to5 for almost 6 years now because I believe in the work that we do and I value our grassroots member-based model as a strategy for social change. Some of the many issues 9to5 works on are paid family medical leave, tenant's rights, affordable transit, Rent control, anti-gentrification, community ownership of land, equal pay, and more.

As someone who has worked at minimum wage jobs with little to no benefits and as a renter in one of the many cities with skyrocketing rent prices, I see why this work is so critical to the lives of working-class families.

Whether you believe in this work, if you believe in ending systems of oppression, if you care about immigrant rights, communities of color, Donate today! Also because it's my birthday on December 11th and it would mean so much to me <3

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