2019-Help Diane raise a 40th Anniversary Gift to 9to5

Can you believe it - it’s been nearly forty years since the hit movie and song “9to5” came out!

You may have even been among the early supporters and members of the Baltimore Working Women when we amazingly hosted Jane Fonda at the Civic Center on her national fundraising tour for the organization that inspired the just-released movie—our own 9to5 National Association of Working Women!!

Goal $ 5,000.00
81.2% towards our goal
$ 4,060.00 raised

Maybe you knew me back then. I loved my organizing work… from the endless leafleting in front of downtown office buildings (which organizer got the better wrist-watch tan?) - to the lunch meetings (those darn cherry tomatoes… spraying my potential leader across the table!)


I loved it all - the rallies, actions on bad bosses, coaching leaders on speech-writing, and even our FUN fundraising events!


Or you may be among the early supporters of the Atlanta chapter, of which I was also the founding staff director. Or maybe you didn’t even know that my first love, before ministry, was organizing?



However I know you, if you believe in the power of people to change our lives, bosses, public policy, and even culture (get you some coffee???--get your own!!!) …


Please join me in my nostalgia-driven, hope-inspired 40th Anniversary fundraiser to raise $5,000 for today’s 9to5 organizers, to fund their leadership development workshops, rallies, actions, grassroots action days, and all the invisible work that still goes into keeping a scrappy organization like 9to5 growing and winning.


I’ve set a big goal to raise $5,000 by FRIDAY – I can only reach it if you donate right now!

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