2019-Help Cathy raise $500 for 9to5 and Women’s Rights in the Workplace

Goal $ 500.00
40% towards our goal
$ 200.00 raised

It was a 9to5 article in the Boston Globe on women’s rights in the workplace that inspired me to join 9to5 in1994. I was working in Dorchester for Massachusets Job Training, Inc., assisting women on public assistance with job search and job development. I needed help, because when we don’t know our rights in the workplace, we really don’t have any.

One woman’s story struck me. “Terry” had been a hotel housekeeper in the same hotel for ten years. When new management outsourced these jobs to a contractor who “cleaned house” metaphorically by hiring all new, lower paid housekeepers, Terry lost her job and was devastated. She told prospective employers that she had been fired - because that’s how she felt! After practicing a different response to the perennial question “why did you leave your last job”, she more confidently explained the real truth. That was all it took for her to get another job. That, and the truth that she had worked ten years for the same hotel so was obviously a good worker.

Your support will keep our doors open for another year, so we can continue to stand with all women in their ongoing struggle for good jobs with fair pay and equal opportunity. Thank you!

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