Help Kaitlin Altone and 9to5 demand justice for working women!

Goal $ 250.00
100% towards our goal
$ 270.00 raised

I have been involved with 9to5 for a couple years now, first as an intern, then canvasser, and now as an organizer. I've continued to choose 9to5 because of the fierceness in which this organization stands up for working women and holds true to its values. We believe that those who are directly impacted by injustice need to be driving the solution in creating economic, racial, and gender equity. Your donation contributes to building this movement.

I work on our paid family and medical leave campaign, which has grown to be incredibly important to me. I spent this past summer door knocking, and met so many people who have been impacted by lacking this benefit; cancer survivors, new parents, adults caring for their aging parents. This effects everyone in some way and runs on deep inequalities in our caregiving and workplace cultures. Creating a paid family and medical leave policy in Colorado will give people the security and relief they deserve, and I believe, will help shift our culture to value health, relationships, job security, pay equity, and those in caregiving roles. Please consider giving if this is important to you too.

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