Help Yaneth and 9to5 Empower Women in the Workplace!

Goal $ 500.00
30% towards our goal
$ 150.00 raised
On November 20th, 2019 my wages as a Latina catch up with the earnings of non-Hispanic white men in 2018. This means it took 11 months for me to earn what the average white man takes home in a year, earning an average of 54 cents compared to a white man's $1. We need to continue to fight for Equal Pay for Equal Work, and close the pay gap for all women. 9to5 prepares women to take action by letting them participate, contact or meet their elective officials and talk to them about their stories of the importance of having equal pay, minimum wage or family medical leave insurance and the difference it will have made if those bills were in place. 9to5 Empowers women by giving them a voice and making sure they are heard. Help 9to5 continue to fight for our issues of equal pay, family leave insurance,and minimum wage! Any support counts to the fight of a Better Workplace for All!
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