Help Jewel Howard Power 9to5! Jewel Howard is raising $500 for 9to5!

Goal $ 500.00
40% towards our goal
$ 200.00 raised

9to5 has been on the forefront of championing the issues of working women and their families. Issues such as Paid Family Leave, Equal Pay, and Ban the Box are some of the important issues that makes 9to5 a vital organization in the fight for women of races and social justice. With your help, 9to5 can continue to fight for working women and their families. During the pandemic, 9to5 started the Rapid Response Fund, which help many families with rent/mortgage, child care, utilities, and food. Many families where women are head of the household and loss income due to the pandemic. Friends, Family, and Colleagues...I need your help to power 9to5's future...Can I count on you for a donation? Thank you in advance!

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