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9to5 Wisconsin

207 E. Buffalo St, # 211

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Phone: (414) 274-0925

Fax: (414) 272-2870

Current Campaigns

Ban the Box

We believe in equal opportunity for everyone and an end to employment discrimination against the formerly incarcerated. This is why 9to5 Wisconsin has led campaigns in Milwaukee and Racine to remove the conviction history check box and other application questions about a person’s criminal background.

Paid Family Leave

No one should have to choose between a paycheck and the health and well-being of their family. We’re working to create a statewide paid leave insurance program allowing Wisconsin workers to take up to 12 weeks paid time off for personal illness, family illness, or the birth or adoption of a new child.

Social Good Ordinances

We want to encourage employers to adopt progressive workplace policies with social good ordinances. This would give extra points to companies bidding for a contract with the city if they have any of the following policies: ban the box, living wages, paid sick days, paid family leave, breastfeeding accommodations.

Latest Facebook Posts

1 day ago
Educators plan March to Madison in effort to restore Evers' education budget

Education advocates to plead for more school funding. Said one: "They starve us of the funding we need and then charge us with failure to thrive."

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Latest Twitter Posts

.@ProfessorHamlin on the #19thAmendment: "Senators approved the amendment not because they thought it would enfranchise women of color...but because they knew it would not." https://t.co/MM8cFLvSit #19that100 #suffrage100 #vote100 #womensvotes100 #votesforwomen #vanguard #OTD

Today marks 100 years to the day that the Senate passed the 19th Amendment.

A week later, on June 10, Wisconsin became the first state in our union to ratify the 19th Amendment.

I’m always proud to represent a state guided by our motto…#Forward. #ShallNotBeDenied #Suffrage100

Proud of @MaineWorkers, the @MEWomensLobby and all coalition partners and @FmlyValuesWork for making Maine the 49th location with #paidsickdays plus "PTO" - meaning people will be able to use it for an inclusive definition of family members. Let's continue the fight for all!

Remaking 9 to 5? What Today’s Working Women Want to See https://t.co/V8klK2lYsr

After years of declining access to paid time off, an organized movement demanding paid sick and family leave is making impressive gains. #PaidLeave via @WorkingAmerica @FmlyValuesWork @9to5org


9to5 Wisconsin Chapter Staff

Rhonda Willette

Chapter Organizer

As a third generation organizer, Rhonda has organizing in her DNA. Over the past twenty plus years her primary focus has been working to build grassroots leaders in the many venues of injustices faced within her community from low wage working populations, renters & homeowners, youth and elderly, low income housing tenants and parents of school age children. Rhonda has been active in the progressive movement of policy change work with 9to5 since 2008.


Meghan Grahs

Chapter Organizer

Meghan is a Lutheran Volunteer and a recent graduate of Augustana College with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature. She has previous experience interning with an immigrants’ rights organization. She is passionate about social justice and anti-oppression work and hopes to pursue a career in community organizing after her volunteer year.


State Board

Julie Meyer

Charmaine Lang

Beth Miller

Steven Webb

Keisha Robinson

Chineva Smith