9to5 | National Staff
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9to5 National Staff

Leng Leng Chancey

Executive Director (Georgia office)

Leng Leng Chancey is an activist, community organizer, and champion of equality. Her longstanding passions revolve around social justice issues concerning communities of color with “equitable access for all” as her motto. Leng Leng currently serves as Board Chair of Access Reproductive Care – Southeast, working at the intersection of reproductive justice issues that impact women of color, and is a Board member of the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network (SEIRN), helping elevate the voices of immigrant communities that are most impacted by our failing immigration system. Born and raised in Singapore, Leng Leng came to the United States to attend college at Washington State University where she received her BA in History and Asian Studies.


lengleng@9to5.org // 404-222-0037

Cindia Cameron

National Organizing Director (Georgia office)

Cindia coordinates issue campaigns, and provides leadership and program development support to chapters and staff across the country. She has worked for 9to5 since 1983.  Her roles have included Atlanta Chapter Director, Southeast Regional Organizer and Co-Chair of the Georgia JobFamily Collaborative (led by 9to5). She has a background in adult and labor education, with a BA in Economics and Labor Studies from Rutgers University.


cindia@9to5.org // 404-222-0077

Nasreen Jilani

Development Director (Georgia office)

Nasreen joined the staff in 2005 and currently leads 9to5’s fundraising strategy and practice; she holds a master’s degree in nonprofit management. Before joining 9to5, she worked with Amnesty International to win rights for incarcerated women, and researched living wage legislation nationwide with Good Jobs First in Washington DC. Nasreen is first-generation American, raised in the southern US by parents from Pakistan and Germany.


nasreen@9to5.org // 404-222-0001

Linda Garcia Barnard

National Operations Director (Wisconsin office)

Linda oversees the finance, administrative and personnel divisions. Linda began as a member activist in the early 90’s, and was hired as Executive Assistant to Ellen Bravo in 1994. She moved into organizing welfare-to-work issues and led a nationally recognized temp agency testing project. She continues her policy work through support of the WI chapter. Linda holds a B.A. in Business Management, a MBA with a focus on Public Administration and studied at Marquette Law. She is a 2018 fellow of Wisconsin Women’s Network Policy Institute. Linda is married, a mother of five and grandmother of three.


lindagb@9to5.org // 414-274-0933

Lindsey Challis

Senior Network Coordinator (Georgia office)

As part of our national team, Lindsey works with chapters in managing data and online tools and supports the volunteer-run California chapter. She moved to Atlanta in 2012 after studying anthropology at Grinnell College in Iowa. Outside of work, she puts her energies into collective living, queer community building, and caring for chickens, herbs and veggies.


lindsey@9to5.org // 404-688-0164

Yaneth Solano

Senior Financial Administrator (Wisconsin office)

Yaneth received her bachelor’s degree in Management Accounting from Alverno College on May 2005. She has focused for 13 years on the organization financial management, auditing and accounting services. Oversees benefits processing and supervision of finance interns. When not at work she enjoys hiking and traveling!


yaneths@9to5.org // 414-274-0925

Casie Yoder

Senior Communications Coordinator (Georgia office)

Casie works with national and state chapter staff to tell 9to5’s story and communicate our work to members and the general public. A graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in journalism, she worked for many years in the labor movement and local government before 9to5.


casie@9to5.org // 404-222-0030

Olivia Chalkley

Temp Development Coordinator II (Georgia office)

Olivia is originally from Baltimore, MD, where she grew up surrounded by a network of community organizers and activists. Her first experiences as an organizer were in Greensboro, NC where she worked on anti-racism and divestment campaigns both at her university and at the city level.


olivia@9to5.org // 404-222-0001