9to5 | California
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9to5 California

For mail and phone inquiries:

Los Angeles office

630 Shatto Place, 4th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90005

Phone: (213) 201-7029

Email Los Angeles or San Jose offices at:


Current Campaigns

Voter & Legislative Engagement

9to5 California’s Get Out the Vote work includes organizing around non-partisan ballot initiatives that impact women and families, and educating our membership and larger community about their rights as voters. Once the elections are over, we mobilize our membership to hold their policy-makers accountable throughout the legislative session.


We’re proud to have contributed to the effort for California to lead the way in passing paid family and medical leave and paid sick days – but these laws don’t go far enough! 9to5 California works to expand paid leave and paid sick days protections to cover all workers and better meet families’ needs.

Workplace discrimination

Through education, legislative advocacy and coalition work, 9to5 California tackles workplace discrimination, including unequal pay, workplace bullying, discrimination based on disability, and sexual harassment.

Economic Justice

In service to our vision of an end to poverty, 9to5 California fights for affordable housing, universal health care, and an end to wage theft (where employers steal from their workers by denying breaks, forcing employees to work off the clock, misclassifying employees as independent contractors, and much more).

Latest Facebook Posts

5 days ago

Four new California bills aim to help tenants struggling with rent hikes, including a measure to expand rent control and another to stop rent spikes.

Latest Twitter Posts

After ballot failure, there’s a new bid to control what California landlords can charge tenants - Los Angeles Times https://t.co/EKMibR83jv

12 surprising women from history who paved the road to equal pay https://t.co/nmcMXUHJwN #womenshistorymonth #EqualRightsAmendment #equalpayact #9to5

The #GlobalGagRule harms global health, increases the risk of unintended pregnancies & unsafe
abortions, & violates medical ethics. On #InternationalWomensDay support #GlobalHERAct to protect the #ReproRights of women & girls around the world #NoGagRule: https://t.co/pQ9PyJWlzl

It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander #AAPIEqualPay Day — the day when AAPI women’s pay typically catches up to what white, non-Hispanic men earned in 2018. Burmese, Hmong, Laotian and other AAPI women experience an even larger #wagegap: https://t.co/oQ9Dik9sIj


State Board

Cathy Deppe, Los Angeles

9to5 California Board Chair; 9to5 National Board Co-Chair
Represents 9to5 on Steering Committee of Uplift Inglewood housing justice coalition.

Martha Israel, Los Angeles
Treasurer and Office Manager

Ditravia Pagan, Los Angeles
Secretary and Social Media Lead

Christina DeHaro, Stockton
Represents 9to5 with the California Healthy Workplace Advocates and with statewide organizations advocating for disability justice in the workplace.

Joan Goddard, Campbell

Legislative Chair
Represents 9to5 on the Bay Area Equal Pay Collaborative, Santa Clara County Single Payer Health Care Coalition and Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition.

Daislyn Pease, Milpitas

Alternate 9to5 National Board Representative
Represents 9to5 on the Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition.

Phyllis Owens