Celebrating Women’s History Month

I had the pleasure of attending 9to5’s Women’s History Brunch on March 19th.  I have recently become involved with 9to5 and during March, I officially became a member.  Women are constantly faced with discrimination in life and in the workplace, and 9to5 strives to provide all women a voice, especially those who might not feel they have one.


After hearing about the Women’s History Brunch from a friend and fellow member of 9to5, I knew I had to attend.  It seemed to be a great opportunity to network with other like-minded women and engage in the local community.  Everyone was welcoming and I felt as though I was among friends.  I had the opportunity to talk to friends and make new connections with local leaders who support 9to5’s mission.  I enjoyed a leisurely brunch and had meaningful conversations with others at my table.  The three keynote speakers were captivating.  Their stories and views on the importance of being open to learning more about others, and empowering other women were enlightening.  They gave me a lot to think about and helped widen my perspective of women’s issues.


At the end of the event, we were all asked to create a “Because of them, I can…” statement.  I chose to dedicate myself to educating others on women’s issues and working towards enacting change.  Words cannot describe the feeling of having the opportunity to meet a group of folks who are working towards bettering the lives of others and reaching a place of equality in our country that we so desperately need.  I am thankful to 9to5, its members and organizers for such a powerful and enlightening event.  Hopefully each person in attendance will take these lessons and apply them to their lives to help make a change.

Anna D’Andrea

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