Meet Our 2014 Honorees!

9to5 chose to honor two amazing individuals at our annual end of the year Winter Social event. This year those honorees were Angela Aldridge and Jerret Johnson! Angela and Jerret have constantly impressed us, but especially through their efforts as canvassers.

Blog: Why I Canvass

I chose to canvass with 9to5 Atlanta Working Women, because I wanted to effect change in the community I live in. Knowledge is power, and I wanted to help spread knowledge about the mid-year election. This mid-year election was important, because it determined the people who not just represent us locally, but also statewide, and even nationwide.

Blog: A Voice in Democracy on National Voter Registration Day

Committee member Alicia Newton and I were privileged to represent 9to5 at the press conference for National Voter’s Registration day in collaboration with the other member organizations of Pro Georgia. The opportunity to have a voice in democracy was awesome. It was an honor knowing that so many before us gave their lives in order to make this possible.

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