Blog: What 9to5 Means to Me

By Dana Wilson
September 24, 2013 

My name is Dana Wilson and 9to5 was my first “real job” starting out in the workforce. I started working at 9to5 in my early 20’s and was there for about five years. I learned so much about what it meant to collectively gather for positive change in the workplace! I still have signs from marches that we organized fighting for equal rights as women on the job and for paid sick days.

My daughter was about seven at that time and would attend some of these rallies with me and help with making the signs. She is 19 years old now and recalls the cookie with a chunk taken out of it to symbolize the pay difference between men and women working the same jobs.

I learned so much about the power of standing together for equality and justice and had a chance to go to D.C. to voice my thoughts along with others who wanted their words heard politically. I met so many people along that journey who remain dear friends to me to this very day!

The people that I worked with at 9to5 will always have a place in my heart for giving me an opportunity to be a part of an organization that has not strayed away from its mission. Love you guys and wish you many more years of success in fighting the good fight!

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