Blog: Meet Kim Schofield – Outstanding Member of 2013!

By Kim Schofield

I am proud to be a member of 9to5 Atlanta and to be recognized at the 2013 Winter Social for my contributions to The Family Care Act Campaign. My work with 9to5 affirms my core value of advocating against injustices and of uplifting, empowering and engaging people to use their voice. I am grateful to join a powerful organization that diligently works to transform lives.

As a health care activist, I hear the stories of people impacted by an illness, whether visible or invisible, and the guilt they often feel having to make constant life and workplace adjustment to care for themselves or an ill family member. People get sick. The last I checked, most medical appointments occur during the day. No one should have to choose between the job they need and the people they love! The economic stability of families and companies are at stake when there is no flexibility in the workplace for use of earned sick days to care for others who need caring.

We should, we must, we have to continue to advocate for the Family Care Act – this is a universal conversation that demands action. Thank you 9to5 for allowing me a seat at the table.


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