Blog: Clayton County, Please Ban the “Box”

By Christine Phillips


As a member of 9to5, I was honored to accompany Ms. Marilynn Winn, 9to5 Atlanta chapter organizer, to a meeting with Clayton Director of Personnel Ms. Renee Bright. I was happy to hear that Ms. Bright was at least open to the idea of removing the box on employment applications that ask about applicant’s arrest records.

I am a Clayton county resident and have applied for several positions that never lead to an interview. I feel strongly the “Box” has been the culprit. I have learned and accomplished a lot in life, and gained a lot of experience. I am a reformed citizen for 10 years now, but I am always embarrassed and insulted when having to answer questions about my past mistakes. I’ve moved on to do better as with a lot of people but this box has prohibited me from moving forward.

I was ecstatic to hear Ms. Bright would actually take the time to digest the concept knowing that candidates will disclose their background but only after being seriously considered for the positions. Thanks to 9to5 for finally being a voice for myself and all people trying to move forward!

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