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Our communities, our homes, our health, and our budgets are threatened by the climate crisis. As politicians and corporations continue to ignore and deny the climate crisis, ordinary people are impacted by the very real effects like high utility bills, flooding, and fires. 

As we work towards a people-centered economy that supports everyone we must pass legislation that prioritizes the needs of people of color, low-income workers, and families like good paying green jobs. 

In Solidarity,
Leng Leng Chancey


Last month 9to5 Georgia’s Virtual Chapter Meeting focused on pay negotiation. Whether you’re applying for new jobs or asking for a raise at your current job, we’ve got helpful tips on how you can tactfully and confidently ask for what you want. 



Paid leave is good for the economy, employers, and employees. Our report proves it’s possible.


We’re suing an eviction firm for breaking the renter’s protection laws we passed last year.


This year Wisconsin elections are critical and we’re working hard to register as many people as we can to vote.

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New Data Coordinator: Colorado
New Fort Collins/Larimer County Organizer: Colorado
New Albany Organizer: Georgia
Climate and Energy Justice Manager: Georgia
Accounts Payable Clerk: Milwaukee, WI
Senior Communications Coordinator: Colorado 
Organizer: Wisconsin 
Communications Specialist: Wisconsin 

What We’re Reading

Vast New Study Shows a Key to Reducing Poverty: More Friendships Between Rich and Poor
The study found that if poor children grew up in neighborhoods where 70 percent of their friends were wealthy — the typical rate of friendship for higher-income children — it would increase their future incomes by 20 percent, on average.

A Town’s Housing Crisis Exposes a ‘House of Cards’
Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live. In this town and in many towns across the county the gap is widening “between those who have two homes and those who have two jobs.”

Free school meals helped families during the pandemic. This fall, those lunches won’t return.
Congress allowed a waiver that provided all kids free and healthy meals, regardless of income. Families who qualify will now need to apply for meals. This article explores how the end of this program affects single moms and low-income families.

Colorado’s mobile home oversight program feels out-resourced by large companies buying up parks
Colorado mobile home landowners aren’t following the laws allowing residents to buy their land. Corporations that are buying the land can raise rent without a cap.

Floods are getting more common. Do you know your risk?
Climate change is driving more flooding around the country, and the cost of flood damage to homes can be enormous. Living in a flood-prone area without knowing it can be financially devastating, especially for low-income households and those who rent.

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