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This month, extremists and corrupt judges continued to attack our right to choose when or if to have a child by attempting to stop the use of a safe and effective abortion pill. The Supreme Court ruled to keep Mifepristone legal for now, its future is uncertain. If they allow judges to reverse decisions made by the FDA, the future of birth control, HIV prevention, vaccines, and other medications might be in jeopardy. As we await this decision that would be disastrous for our communities we must continue to donate to abortion funds to support those already affected by abortion bans and restrictions.

We also honored Black Maternal Health Week this month, remembering that Black women are more likely to die as a result of childbirth or experience other negative health outcomes due to racism, poverty, and structural policies that affect our access to quality and equitable reproductive health care.

In Solidarity,
Leng Leng Chancey


Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Equal Pay Day was also recognized in April this year. While these dates are based on large-scale analysis, when data is disaggregated we see that certain communities of Asian women are some of the lowest paid workers in the nation. On average, Asian women earn 92 cents for every dollar a white man makes. But the wage gap is far greater for Vietnamese, Hmong, and Burmese women who earn as little as 52 cents for each dollar a white man earns for the same work. Tell Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act!

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9to5 Colorado, as part of the Clean Water for All Colorado Coalition, is advocating for the mobile home park water quality bill that passed the committee vote this month.


9to5 Wisconsin helped get out the vote for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, helping win a critical election for Wisconsin, the country, reproductive rights, and voting rights.


We’re hiring a State Director for the 9to5 Georgia chapter. If you’re a passionate person who is excited to make a difference in your community, we want you on our team!

Celebrating 50 Years

31 years ago, released just after the Clarence Thomas hearings, The 9 to 5 Guide to Combatting Sexual Harassment was a direct response to the willingness of women to discuss the sexual harassment they had been experiencing in the workplace and how to demand workplace changes.

In fifty years many things have changed for women at work, but we continue to face ongoing and persistent sexual harassment that has a lifelong ripple effect on our ability to thrive economically.

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