Announcing 9to5 Atlanta’s 2013 Legislative Agenda

9to5 Atlanta supports:

1. The Family Care Act: A 9to5 priority, this bill allows workers to use sick days that they have earned to care for an ill family member.

2. The State Fair Employment Practices Act Amendments (FEPA): Includes protection for public employees from discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

3. The Human Trafficking Hotline Bill (HB 141): Requires certain businesses and establishments where victims of human trafficking might see it, to post a hotline number where they can receive help.

4. Anti-Shackling Legislation: Forbids the use of shackling by the waists, ankles and wrists of incarcerated pregnant women during transport to the hospital, labor, and delivery.

5. Medicaid Expansion: Federal Medicaid expansion could insure 600,000 more Georgians, mostly working adults, and bring in federal funds to support our health care infrastructure and local economies. Sadly, our state policy makers have rejected this expansion. They need to hear from voters about how important this issue is to us!

9to5 opposes:

1. Mandatory E-Verify Legislation: Requires small businesses to use a database to verify workers’ legal immigration status. This flawed database frequently delays hiring for legal foreign-born workers, and can encourage discrimination against them.

As you can see, we have some important, exciting work ahead this legislative session. Keep your eyes peeled for 9to5 updates on important bills and how to get involved.

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