Action Alert: Walmart workers in 12 cities across the country are on strike!

Time after time, Walmart retaliates against those who dare to speak up for fair wages and working conditions. These dedicated women and men have had enough.

Tryphena is from store 2648 in San Leandro, CA. She makes $8.65/hour and is living with her family in a hotel because they can not currently afford a stable place to live.  Tryphena went on strike this week because when employees like her speak out, Walmart tries to silence them. She joined other employees from the Bay Area in their “Ride for Respect” to Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, where Walmart shareholders are holding their annual meeting on June 7.

Tryphena and others will be delivering a petition to ask Walmart executives to improve working conditions for their employees and stop the retaliating against those who are speaking out. This petition will be more powerful with your name on it – Show your support by signing now!

Walmart has been using its influence for decades to push down wages and benefits across industries. But Walmart can do better. It can treat workers with respect, pay them a living wage, and not silence them when they speak up for their rights.

We need to back up Walmart workers who are bravely standing up to retaliation simply for demanding fair wages and work standards. Because if we can change Walmart, we can create an economy that works for everyone.

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