Action Alert: Protect Colorado Homeowners

Tell your Representative to support the rights of homeowners in Colorado by voting YES on the Housing Stabilization and Mortgage Accountability Act, HB 1249. This bill would protect Colorado homeowners by adding clarification, transparency and accountability to the foreclosure process.

Legislators need to hear from you on why stopping unfair and unnecessary foreclosures is important to Coloradans!

Home ownership is part of the American dream. Our homes are our largest investment and our most precious source of wealth.  When you purchase a home you have to provide a tremendous amount of financial evidence and personal documentation.  Banks should also be required to provide thorough documentation before confiscating your home in a foreclosure.

The foreclosure system in Colorado is way out of balance: it is time for our legislators to stand up for the people and ensure that everyone has to play fair.

Click here to take ACTION today: Urge your Representative to protect Colorado homeowners by adding more integrity to the foreclosure process.

Tell them to vote YES on HB 1249.

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