9to5 | 9to5: The Song, the Movie, the Movement
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9to5: The Song, the Movie, the Movement

9to5: The Song, the Movie, the Movement

9to5 is the movement that inspired the hit movie and ever-popular anthem of the same name.

For all of us who have hummed along, sung in the shower, or tapped our nails to Dolly Parton’s chart-topper, here is one explanation of it’s on-going popularity, as described by Karen Nussbaum, a founder of the organization:

“The song is brilliant,” Nussbaum says. “It starts with pride: ‘Pour myself a cup of ambition.’ It goes to grievances: ‘Barely getting by.’ It then goes to class conflict: ‘You’re just a step on the bossman’s ladder.’ And then it ends with collective power: ‘In the same boat with a lot of your friends.’

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