9to5 Members Speak Out on 40th Anniversary

2013 marks 9to5’s 40th anniversary. In celebration of this milestone, we’ve asked our members to share what they love about 9to5.





“The values of 9to5 align so perfectly with my own. Our vision ‘An economically just world where poverty and discrimination have been eliminated, the contributions of women are recognized, and women and their families thrive’ keeps me fired up, involved, and in a perpetual learning cycle.”

Alicia Newton






“No one else is doing the work that we are doing. 9to5 is a really unique and important organization.”

Laura Kendellen






“I am proud to be part of 9to5 because this organization is always on the right side of issues. My two favorite campaigns, one of which we lost and one of which we won, involved raising the minimum wage. We were not successful in raising the minimum wage in the city of Denver but we were successful in passing an amendment to the state constitution to raise the minimum wage in Colorado. Both were hard fought campaigns that involved numerous activist organizations working together. We knocked on doors and made tons of phone calls to our fellow citizens in true grass roots campaigns that were significant for the process as much as the outcome.”

Mary Brewerton


“Being apart of 9to5 has impacted my life in such a huge way, there are not words to explain it. I have also witnessed the transition in others who are involved with the nonprofit. 9to5 is just an extremely good space to be in.”

Marilynn Winn






“I love and support 9to5 because I am a feminist, and not a shy one at that. These days it seems like many women, especially women in their 20’s like me, think “feminism” is a dirty word or an antiquated concept or something that is simply foreign to them. But 9to5 knows that feminism is just as relevant today as it ever was, and we need feminism today to achieve equal pay, end discrimination in the workplace, and help to build happier and healthier families. I’m proud to be a member and a movement builder with 9to5. Of all the organizations I have worked with, 9to5 sets itself apart with the dedication and integrity of its staff and members each and every day.”

Jackie Parkins






I am a member and supporter of 9to5 because I want to see the goal of workplace equality realized. 9to5 has provided recent important gains for workplace equality such as an increase in the minimum wage, working to defeat anti-equality ballot measures, providing pay equity legislation, and implementing family-friendly state legislation in Colorado. 9to5 also has a hotline that workers can call when they face job issues and need answers. I hope others will join me in supporting the important work that 9to5 does.

— Crystal Carkhuff


“9to5’s work continues to amaze me, even after several years of being involved with the organization. Our work in economic justice especially is grassroots, fundamentally progressive, and committed to bettering the lives of all economically and socially vulnerable groups, especially in the work place. I am honored to be a directly affected woman acting as a leader and voice for 9to5’s work, because we are one of the few organizations that remains dedicated and true to our base and committed to our values while still winning important victories for working women and families in Colorado.”


–Regan Byrd






“I support 9to5, because it is imperative that we protect and enhance the work rights of women, especially women of color in an age of draconian neoliberal policies. These backward policies hurt the hardest working and most vulnerable people. We can no longer enable the wealthy to ride on the backs of women. I know that my 9to5 membership has a part to play in making sure that progressives continue their important and much needed work in this incredible organization!”

Rene Antrop-Gonzalez


“I joined 9to5 last year because they are teaching me how to be an organizer and leader in my community. They keep me informed on policies that matter to me and my community and I like being involved and volunteering for 9to5 because they care about making the lives of people better.”

— Lennis Pate


“I joined 9to5 in 2011 to support my friend and now I continue my membership because they support the issues that are important to me as a working single mom. I appreciate all of their efforts in fighting against injustice that effect women and families who just want to make ends meet in their home. Thank you 9to5.”

— Sheila Johnson

“I am involved with 9to5 out of respect for working women and their families. I believe these families deserve all the support they can get and am happy to be working hard with 9to5 to help where we can.”


Jessica Smith





“I like being involved with 9to5 because I love being a part of a greater movement of women fighting for what we need and deserve.”

— Katie Curtis

“I didn’t know where to go to get this kind of information. I appreciate the time 9to5 took to find events that are relevant to people like myself”

–Brooke Walter


“I love everything 9to5 does! Everything that 9to5 works on affects me on a personal level. I feel like in order to help 9to5 make a difference I need to be involved and not just give money but actually do the work.”

–Stephanie Tierney


“I first joined 9to5 as a young organizer working in coalition to pass a paid sick days referendum in Milwaukee. Not only did we win that campaign, we won by nearly 70%! Years later, when my family nearly lost everything in the great recession, a sisterhood scholarship allowed me to continue being an active 9to5 member. Now with my financial security stabilizing, I decided that I wanted to give more of my time and energy to the only organization I know working on a daily basis to empower low-income and working class women. That’s why this year, I am so honored to be elected a 9to5 Milwaukee board member! For 40 years, 9to5 has been on the front line fighting for freedom and economic security for working women and their families. Thank you so much for what you do!”

 — Jennifer Epps-Addison






I remember working as a union organizer with SEIU Local 105 with Linda Meric in 1987.  We had a wonderful team. Linda was one of them.  Not in turned with the 9to5 yet, it became clear to me that woman had voices to create change.  In the snow at 4:00 am trying to organize the woman janitors was challenging. However, when women see women organize, they stop to listen especially if you speak their language.  I continue to be proud of those organizing campaigns.  Now, 9to5 continues to be in my life years after those days of being arrested, leaving my 2-year in the hands of another woman organizer and union friends.  Linda continues to be the light of hope for me.  I am proud to be processing these emotions with all woman of world!!! Keep strong, keep unionizing and Si, SE PUEDE!!!

–Patricia Ramirez

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