9to5 declares “Every Vote Counts – Count Every Vote”

ATLANTA — As of 10:00 am Eastern time, the U.S. presidential election remains undecided, with large numbers of votes yet to be counted in key states. In response, Leng Leng Chancey, the executive director of 9to5, National Association of Working Women, issued the following statement:

“Record numbers of voters have turned out in force to vote, braving long lines, disinformation tactics, voter intimidation and a public health crisis. Now, their voices must be heard and all their votes must be counted. We demand a fair process so the will of the people prevails.

“Our Constitutional right to vote is the bedrock of our democracy. In this country, every vote counts no matter party affiliation, where you live or who you are. The people pick our leaders — our leaders do not pick their voters. Many of us have fought for our right to vote and access to the polls. Attempts to intimidate and bully the public into rushing the count seek to undermine the integrity of our elections. We will not tolerate anything short of a fair, thorough and accurate vote count.

“The world is watching and so are working women and families across the country. Count our votes!”


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