9to5 Colorado’s 2016 Legislative Session

As we draw another busy legislative session to a close, we’d like to give you a snapshot of our work this year. 2016 has held both legislative wins for working women & families, as well as shaped a path for our future work.

9to5 Colorado led and co-led a number of important victories supporting working women and low-income families across the state, most notably the Pregnant Worker Fairness Act, ensuring pregnant workers get the accommodations they need to be able to earn a paycheck and have a healthy pregnancy. 9to5, in partnership with COLOR, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood, led a weekly lobbying session called Women and Families Wednesdays, bringing the voices and priorities of working women and families to the Capitol every week.

The legislative session might be over for this year, but our organizing and campaign work never ends! The work we do would never be possible without you!

leg-infographic (2)

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