9to5 | Kitchen Table Talk
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Kitchen Table Talk

Kitchen Table Talk

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day is the date of the year that marks how much more Black women on average have to work to earn what a white man on average made the previous year!

To recognize this date and the racial, gender pay gap 9to5 Georgia will be putting on a Kitchen Table Talk Hosted by Mz Shyneka. Join us as we celebrate black womanhood and #SLAY4EQUALPAY.

When: August, 5th 2017 11AM-2PM

Where: 501 Pulliam St. Atlanta, GA 30312

Get tickets at: 9to5.org/slay4equalpay

RSVP on Facebook
Download the flyer here!

Ticket price: $10 (includes lunch)
#Slay4equalpay Tshirt: $15
Ticket and Tshirt Combo Package: $20