9to5 was founded in 1973 by clerical workers to respond to the inequities, unfairness, and outright harassment they were experiencing in the workplace. Women organized and joined together to demand better working conditions from their bosses, their companies and policymakers.

Today, 9to5 is fighting for true economic justice for those most harmed by centuries of racism and sexism: women and nonbinary people of color. Alongside our members, we fight for a world where working women of color, nonbinary people and our families can thrive on our own terms without worrying about economic hardships.


Celebrate 50 years of bold action, iconic moments, and what’s next by joining us at our event in Washington, D.C., making a donation, or becoming a sponsor.

9to5 is celebrating 50 years of making history – from new rights in the workplace, major policy wins at the local, state, and federal level, and a cultural impact spanning movies, books, and songs. Take a walk through our history at the link below!

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