9to5 Colorado Eviction Defense Clinic Intake Form

Please fill out this form in order to better assist you in finding resources and/or legal support. Eligibility will be dependent on the information you provide.

Under no circumstances does this Intake and Referral Form, directly or indirectly, including, without limitation, correspondence by any means to or from 9to5, establish or intend to establish an Attorney-Client relationship between you and 9to5 or its affiliates. However, the act of completing this Intake and Referral Form and/or sending electronic mail to 9to5 Colorado or its agents or affiliates does not alone create an Attorney-Client relationship. Although 9to5 will strive to respond to submissions and messages as soon it is reasonably able, 9to5 and its affiliates are under no obligation to respond to your messages. No legal advice will be given over the Internet, by telephone, fax, or otherwise before an Attorney-Client relationship is established. The Attorney-Client privilege will not protect your message, as you do not have an Attorney-Client relationship with 9to5 solely as a result of your initial inquiry. The proper way to establish an Attorney-Client relationship with is to sign a written Retainer Agreement, which will be provided to you by a legal services provider. The Retainer Agreement describes the matter upon which you initially engage the legal service provider and the terms of that engagement.

9to5 attempts to work with partners and affiliates in the legal services community to provide consultation regarding legal matters to help indigent tenants who are experiencing an eviction or are at immediate risk of an eviction or otherwise losing housing against their will (i.e. constructive eviction, uninhabitable housing, etc.). Such representation may include representation in any forcible entry and detainer proceeding or action for monetary damages related to nonpayment of rent or other lease violation, legal assistance prior to the filing of an eviction, or any other judicial actions in which legal representation is necessary to protect the interests of an indigent tenant. It may also include providing legal information and advice to indigent tenants.

Because of the inherent properties of Internet transmissions, 9to5 cannot guarantee the confidentiality of e-mail and/or Online Intake and Referral Form submissions. Please do not send any confidential information via email or the Online Intake and Referral Form.

Having copies of important documents will greatly help us advocate on your behalf, and help us advance your case much more quickly.

These next questions concern demographic information that helps us and our funding partners track the communities we serve and formulate public policy. While not required, your response is greatly appreciated.

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