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Winning Justice for Working Women

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Equal Opportunity

We Value: Equal Opportunity


What we need: An end to all forms of discrimination in the workplace. Women, on average, earn only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. Women and people of color are still underrepresented in engineering and the sciences, in law enforcement, in the skilled trades, and in corporate leadership. There is currently no federal law preventing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.


Anna’s Story

This is a story about my mother. Leisa is a well educated woman and works as an electrical engineer in a heavily male dominated profession. She had a great paying job working for a contractor for NASA at Johnson Space Center in Houston. She was happy there, but when a job fair came to town, she decided to see what else was out there.

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 Get the Facts:

  • Women who work full time earn about 79 cents for every dollar earned by men. For women of color the gap is wider—African-American women earned only 60 cents, and Latinas just 55 cents.
  • A woman working full time loses more than $400,000 over the course of her career because of the wage gap.
  • Learn more with our Equal Pay Fact Sheet


 What You Can Do:


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