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Winning Justice for Working Women

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National Action Network info

Make a difference today by getting involved in 9to5’s Action Network.

The Action Network is made up of members who want to be active in their communities but are not currently close to a chapter. Since 1973, thousands of women have made a difference in their workplaces and communities by speaking up about the challenges of working families.

“I am a member of the Action Network because I believe as a mother I should be able to work a full-time job to support my family and still have time to help my son with his homework or stay at home when he has the flu without worrying about losing my job.” Holly, 9to5 Action Network

Should you become a member of the Action Network?

If you care about equal opportunity, family-supporting jobs and women’s rights, than this the group for you!

Click here to see how you can start making a difference today.

If you have questions about the 9to5 Action Network please contact our online organizer Valerie Thelen at (800) 669-0769 or

Take Action Now! Click here to send an Action Alert.

Need help getting started? Click here for a 9to5 Action Toolkit.