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Winning Justice for Working Women

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9to5 Wisconsin Info


9to5 Wisconsin was founded in 1982. A van load of 10 women, including founder Ellen Bravo, drove to the 9to5 annual leadership conference at Bryn Mawr University (formerly the Summer School for Working Women) and asked to be recognized as a new chapter.

9to5 Wisconsin was a lead organization in the successful campaign to pass a state Family Medical Leave in 1988 and led the coalition effort win a ballot initiative on Paid Sick Days in Milwaukee in 2008.


Current Campaigns:

  • Protecting and expanding Wisconsin’s Family Leave law. Keep Families First is a broad partnership of families, community groups, local businesses, and their advocates, working to protect and strengthen the Wisconsin Family Medical Leave Act to make it more accessible and affordable – not less. Check out how you can be involved in the fight to ensure that families come first.
  • Increasing local Milwaukee Living Wage ordinances to reflect the need for family supporting wages and earned time off.
  • Fighting for more opportunities for low-income women to attend a 2-4 year college.

Leadership Development:

9to5 Wisconsin now offers a Leadership Certification Program, a three month organizing program to provide low income women with skills to lead policy campaigns. 9to5 is growing our Action Network by developing  leaders in communities across Wisconsin. We will convene in Madison at our 9to5 Wisconsin Leadership Conference in May 2013.

9to5 is also building around Wisconsin. To find out more about chapters growing in Madison and the Chippewa Valley, call or email us today.

For more information about 9to5 Wisconsin, contact:

Astar Herndon
Statewide Organizer
207 E Buffalo, Suite #211
Milwaukee WI 53202
(414) 274-0925 phone
(414) 272-2870 fax









For a list of 9to5 Wisconsin Board of Directors, please click here.