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Winning Justice for Working Women

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9to5 Colorado Info


In 1996, 44 founding members helped build the foundation for 9to5 Colorado’s future. 9to5 Colorado began leading know-your-rights trainings on job discrimination and sexual harassment, and soon added work to raise minimum wage, promote pay equity and defend affirmative action. We continue to make changes on these issues that directly affect women and their families in the workplace by empowering women to speak out. 9to5 Colorado is committed to improving policies addressing work/family flexibility, equal opportunity and ending poverty.

Our victories over the past 15+ years have meant immediate improvements in the lives of our members and all low-wage workers. Some of our victories include:

  • Increasing and indexing the minimum wage in Colorado
  • Creating a stronger safety net by expanding access to low-income health and child care, protecting and improving unemployment insurance, and increasing welfare cash benefits
  • Winning parental leave benefits, protections for workers who share pay information with each other, establishing a state pay equity commission, passing workplace breastfeeding accommodations, and other policies that support workplace equality
  • Defeating several harmful ballot initiatives, including the historic victory over the 2008 effort to end Colorado’s equal opportunity programs.
  • In fall 2012, 9to5 Colorado co-led a collaborative field program that canvassed over 45,000 voters, made over 300,000 phone calls, and sent over 500,000 mail pieces.

Current Campaigns:

  • Building a movement to make family and medical leave more accessible and affordable so that working families are able to take time to care for themselves and their families without losing income.
  • Leading a campaign to modernize the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA). Colorado’s current civil rights law is outdated and does not provide the remedies needed to enforce discrimination laws.
  • Partnering with the Half in Ten Campaign, a national campaign, to cut poverty in half in ten years. 9to5 Colorado works to protect low income and vulnerable populations, promote job creation to strengthen the economy, and increase revenues from fair sources.
  • Bringing the voice of low-wage women and their families to the table on transit development in the Denver metro area.

Leadership Development:

9to5 members and leaders testify at the state capitol to win improved public policies and speak out in the public to be a voice for change.

For more information about 9to5 Colorado:

Neha Mahajan
Chapter Director
1634 Downing Street, Unit A
Denver, CO 80218
303-628-0925 phone

For a list of 9to5 Colorado Board of Directors, please click here.