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Winning Justice for Working Women

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What you can do to close the pay gap

  1. Stand up for equal pay: Women and people of color must stand up for equal pay. If you discover you are paid less than a man or a white worker with the same job, discuss the problem with your employer. If there’s a union, ask for help. If the problem persists, file a complaint with your local state civil rights or equal opportunity agency or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  2. Employers must examine pay practices: Employers must examine and correct their pay practices.Pay inequalities are discriminatory. Employers can get help through the equal pay self-audit on the National Committee on Pay Equity’s website.
  3. Put equal opportunity programs in place: Keep equal opportunity programs in place in order to ensure that education, jobs and promotional opportunities are open and offered to qualified women and people of color.
  4. Support raising the minimum wage: Support workplace and public policies for paid sick days and family leave insurance.
  5. Support paycheck fairness: Support state and federal proposals to raise minimum wage, including for tipped workers, and to provide equity for part-time and temp workers.