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Winning Justice for Working Women

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Equal Work Deserves Equal Pay

We’ve come a long way – but not far enough. Women are still paid on average 77 cents for every dollar men earn. For women of color, the pay gap is even wider. African American women earned 69 cents and Latinas 60 cents for every dollar earned by males.

Women don’t choose to earn less. But despite the gains we’ve made over the years, women remain overrepresented among low-wage workers. Even when working in the same occupation as a man, women still earn less.

Tracy’s Story

I am a single mother who was discriminated against because of my gender. I worked in a factory as the only woman in my department. I also had more seniority then all of the men I worked with and had trained many of them. So imagine my surprise when I learned that the men were making more than a dollar an hour more than what I was earning.

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Know the Facts

  • Women make up an estimated 49 percent of the workforce, but 59 percent of the low-wage workforce.
  • Women work primarily with other women in undervalued, underpaid occupations – 97 percent of office workers, 88 percent of home health care workers, 95 percent of child care workers, and 71 percent of restaurant servers.
  • Working women in the United States earn, on average, more than $11,000 less annually than men. That’s the equivalent of 88 weeks of groceries or 13 months of rent.
  • The typical woman loses $431,000 in pay over a 40-year career.

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What You Can Do to Close the Pay Gap

  1. Stand up for equal pay.
  2. Employers must examine pay practices.
  3. Put equal opportunity programs in place.
  4. Support raising the minimum wage.
  5. Ask your member of Congress to support the Paycheck Fairness Act. Click here to send a letter.

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