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Winning Justice for Working Women

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Election Connection: Vote Your Values

We know where we stand.  We vote.  We vote our values.

Working women have the power to determine the outcome of elections. Together we can forge new public and workplace policies that help us and our families reach their full economic potential.

Elections are a time for us to stand together for an America that works for all of us: family-supporting jobs with decent wages, paid sick days, stronger protections against workplace discrimination, and a strong safety net for low-income families.

Join us to elevate women’s voices during elections to promote an agenda that will help families achieve economic prosperity and build a brighter future.

Why Do You Vote?

“I vote because it is my right as a woman of color. It’s my obligation as a citizen, and my parental commitment to model the expectations I have set for my children. Important issues including the Affordable Care Act, which will provide equal access to health insurance for millions of low-income women and their families are at stake. ” – Dawn, 9to5 Colorado member


What You Can Do?

Take action now and be part of 9to5’s Election Connection to ensure that the voices of low-wage women are heard at every level. Together, we can turn the tide to achieve good jobs, strong families and shared prosperity. Our democracy only works when all of us have an equal voice in making the rules we all live by.

  • Register to vote.
    While you’re at it, register five working women in your workplace or neighborhood. For voter registration information in your state, and to print out a registration form click here.
  • Vote!
    The simple act of voting is one of the most empowering actions you can take.
  • Contact 9to5 for a free copy of our Voter Guide.
    This guide can help you track where the candidates stand on issues that are important to you. Get  your own copy of 9to5’s Election Connection Voters Guide.  To receive voter guides by mail, send your request to
  • Check your voter registration status, register to vote, or learn about registering under special circumstances at