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Winning Justice for Working Women

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Press Statement: Americans Want a Balanced and Fair Budget Now

Blind to the real hardships faced by millions of Americans and ignoring what the majority of voters in this country want, the U.S House of Representatives is set on harming our nation’s shared economic prosperity in exchange for giving tax breaks to those who need them the least.

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Press Statement: 9to5 Applauds President Obama’s Plans to Fuel Our Economy

In Tuesday’s State of the Union address, President Obama called for passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act, an increase in the federal minimum wage, universal preschool and a fair budget that isn’t balanced on the backs of America’s most vulnerable. These are important steps to create new jobs and energize our economy.

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Media Release: Celebrating 20 Years of Strengthening Families – The Family and Medical Leave Act Anniversary

Americans agree that there’s nothing more important than taking responsibility and caring for your family members. After 20 years, it’s time to make FMLA more affordable and accessible. Our country needs healthy and economically secure families to help fuel a strong, thriving economy.

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Media Release: Paycheck Fairness: We Want it and We Want it Now

“The PFA would play a critical role in our nation’s economic recovery,” said Linda Meric, national executive director of 9to5. “Every cent counts in these tough economic times, when more women are primary family breadwinners or co-breadwinners than ever before. Wage discrimination must end.”

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Media Release: 9to5 Gets a Makeover for 40th Anniversary

One of the many ways 9to5 is celebrating its 40th milestone is the launch of its new brand and website this year. got a total redesign — it’s more than a makeover, it’s a major improvement in functionality that makes the site easier to use.

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Media Release: Colorado to Increase Minimum Wage on New Year’s Day

On January 1, 2013, Colorado’s full minimum wage and tipped minimum wage will each increase by 14 cents to $7.78per hour and $4.76 per hour, respectively, benefiting an estimated 66,000 low-wage workers in the state and boost consumer spending by $11 million.

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